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Dorint Am Nürburgring Hocheifel
Dorint Am Nürburgring Hocheifel
53520 Nürburg

Soapboxes Competition²

Soap boxes - you can imagine a fast run downhill, sitting on hard boards without any suspension.
In any case, a lot of fun!

You will receive this in the complete package, from the construction to the final race. The team requires a lot of technical and communicative skills. But the creativity in "design" can be lived out limitlessly.

The action is designed as a competition. Evaluated can be for example the time of assembly, the creativity of the color design, the presentation of the soap box in front of the entire group or the times in the subsequent skill race.

And this is how your Soapbox Action could run:

After greeting the group and dividing it into appropriate teams, the kits are transformed into racing cars with the help of tools, paints, brushes and adhesive materials. Then the soapbox race starts as a dexterity course with departure from a ramp.

  • Participants: 20-100 people
  • Time window: daytime / evening 3 to 4 hours
  • Location: indoor or outdoor
  • Distance: in the hotel
  • Price on request
² Please note that the social programm an external service is. Responsible for the organization and performance of all services is the designated organizer.
Organizer AhrTours PG | Walporzheimer Straße 19 | 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler | Fon: (02641) 9000-20 |